In an increasingly globalized and complex world, multi-lateral stakeholder solutions are required to address economic, environmental and social issues leading to long term sustainability.

At Collective Responsibility, we believe that these multiple stakeholders have the opportunity and obligation to work together.

To this end, our core mission is to enable platform creation in which constituents – individuals, academics, educational institutions, corporations and non- profit organizations — can come as a collective whole to develop real-world solutions that are practical and sustainable.

Building on a wealth of experience in managing for- and non- profit enterprises, Collective Responsibility develops a variety of program-based platforms that speak to the desire for organizations, as well as individuals to be socially responsible. Acting as a catalyst to driving sustainability, we can ultimately guide the creation of building China’s civil society.

Unlike traditional consulting firms, we develop these platforms with the same tools, capacity and relationships with the aim to assist others in building their own resources. This is in the hopes that they will in turn, create programs that are stable, scalable and sustainable.

Dialogue, we believe, is the first step in bringing the collective whole.

Join us as we all begin with a single, but yet significant step in enabling sustainability