X treme Cargo Scooter

Sunday, September 21, 2008 6:54
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Mobile Magazine profiled the scooter above a couple of months ago, and 3pl Wire half joked that they could see the brown team delivering packages from these (actually, the original rendorings have a DHL concept).

For me, this product would be very interesting for forward leaning express companies who are getting crushed by gas prices.  It would require converting these to electric scooters (easy) and could be taken up by firms like STO and SF express who primarily handle small packaged and letter packs.  Each operate a model of having district collection points, and with the entire courier staff already on fleet of non-branded / courier owned bicycled and motorscooters, each firm could reduce their courier counts and increase their efficiencies quite easily.

from there, it would be easy to bring in KFC, Sherpas, and other delivery firms

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