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Sunday, November 9, 2008 19:01
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Mark Levine: Lawrence Berkley Labs

Myth vs. reality on China

- cooperation between countries is essential.  currently great mistrust between the two groups, and that in prevents real discussion.

myth: subsidized pricing gives China an advantage
fact: energy prices in China are @ international level or higher.
GZ resident pays USD.16/ Kwh more than SF & coal prices in China are higher than US

myth: China is profligate in its use of energy
reality: China uses 1/8th the average of US resident & 1/4 EU

Myth: China will overtake US as CO2 emitter
reaity: not so fast… in 2008 sure, but that isn’t relevant
- on a percapita basis, China is actually below global average
- on a cumulative basis, which is the really relevant number  for GW, China is FAR FAR less than US

Myth: China is doing little to control CO2
reality: target 20% intensity reduction by 2010 (1.5 billion metric ton reduction) – on path for 1 billion+

Myth: China is inefficient in its energy use
Reality: Industry consumes 70%, with energy intensities declining.

Myth: China is hogging oil imports
Reality: China imports, while growing, are very small trade (currently 4 million import of 55 million total traded)

Myth: China uses more coal than anyone
Reality: on per capita basis, China consumes just slightly more than the US.


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