China’s BOOMING Wind Power Market

Thursday, February 12, 2009 15:37
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It began with a run up of wind stocks (perhaps aided by some hot air), and more recently the discussion has been on the fact that the largest wind farms in the world are now being planted in China.

BOOMING WIND POWER MARKET AND INDUSTRY IN CHINA by Shi Pengfei of the Chinese Wind Energy Association is an 8 page paper stocked with everything an investor in China’s wind industry would want to know: data, names, an uber-optomistic outlook on the industry, and some good recommendations for China’s leadership as they look to meet their 2020 goal:

The national target should be in terms of energy production, not only the installed capacity. Incentive policy to power grid enterprise is necessary to convert them from constraint to more active. In the near term to create a stable market for establishing the capability of domestic component and wind turbine manufacturing industry is the priority in China.

To meet the requirement of 3% of electricity from non-hyro renewable energy in 2020, wind power installation should be 100GW, wind resource, land area and capability of wind turbine production will be available in the next decade, major barrier would be power grid issue, new incentive policies for individual wind turbine owners and power grid enterprises are needed, R&D on tideland wind farm and “Large scale non-grid wind power system” maybe provide new opportunities.

To realize 100GW wind power installation and 200TWh of electricity from wind in 2020 is possible.

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