How Many Environmental Officers Does it Take in China To Catch A Polluter?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009 9:08
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That is according to the statistics provided by the recent articleChina’s MEP tells polluters to clean up their acts:

Last year, environmental departments sent out more than 1.6 million officers to inspect about 70,000 enterprises. To date they have punished 15,000 enterprises for breaking environmental laws. More than 100 local government officials and department officers have been investigated

Who are these inspectors?
What is their background?
What level of training do they go through?
Do they go outside, or are they trying to identify polluters without fieldwork?

Perhaps, and this is just a suggestion, the MEP would be better off finding ways of bringing in public and NGO assistance at this point and remove the need for these officers from identifying the problems.

Simply empower those around them to do all the work, and then act.

It really has to be a more effective route.

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