PETA Girls Get the Lettuce on In Chengdu

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 0:31
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While, I am not a vegetarian myself, I must admit that I enjoy seeing the PETA Girls strap on some lettuce for a good cause, and I take double pleasure knowing that they have apparently pulled it all off in Chengdu for a good cause:

The girls, wearing just a few clothes and vegetable leaves covering their bodies, paraded in a decorated carriage to advocate vegetarian diets on Sunday for the 40th World Earth Day.

Sadly, it looks like the point may have been lost on the crowd:

But many citizens shook their heads in dismay at the stunt, saying the promotion may not be as effective as the girls may have hoped. People may focus on the girls and neglect the theme of the activity, said one local person.

Perhaps that was the point. Women take off clothes. Add lettuce in strategic locations.

Men stop eating meat?

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