August 15th Design for the Disadvantaged (D4D) Launch Event

Friday, August 7, 2009 7:08
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One of the best parts of being in China,and being focused on the social sector, is that every once in a while you get to be part of something that could become something important.

Design 4 Disadvantaged is one of those things, and I would like to encourage you all to join their launch party next week (details below).

D4D is a new program that dedicated core of talented people who are passionate and have a clear goal to bring products with positive social impacts to market. It is a group that who I look forward to working more with, and I hope you will come out to learn more.

D4D Background:
As our society is modernized and globalize, the wide diversity of social issues have haunted the human race in various degrees across countries and regions. Designers have always aspired to act as a catalyst for change and inspiration and serve the society around them. Their efforts and passion for transcendence have often enabled them to be the innovators behind technology, and the way we live our daily life. Designers influence the way we perceive and inhabit the world that surrounds us. However, the design profession has a lot more to offer for our society than just basic aesthetics, functions and usability. Design can solve problems creatively and effectively, raise social awareness, improve the quality of life, and promote social interaction.

Globally, the disadvantaged population has been largely ignored by the design community across all industries This phenomenon is even more extreme in China. The disadvantaged populations in China have suffered urbanization, gentrification, forced migration, poverty, lack of education, and various degrees of pollutants. Even in the cities a vast majority work with poorly-designed or broken tools, live in temporary spaces that are unsafe and unsanitary or sleeping on the streets. Most of the rural populations were never afforded the opportunity to a basic education that could improve their life.

Such life styles are no longer sustainable and can no longer be ignored as these issues have an impact on us all. While we cannot solve all these problems through pure design, we can make a difference by raising awareness and doing what we can in making a difference in their lives. Every year, we are hearing and seeing great good examples of solving the aforementioned problems. While we cannot solve all these problems through pure design, we can make a difference by raising awareness and doing what we can in making a difference in their lives. Change has always been a group effort.

The objective of D4D is to seek out creative and driven designers who wants to be part of the change; designers who want to get socially involved and take action. We will be executing various design projects that will benefit not only the disadvantaged, but also the environment, businesses, manufactures and society at large.

We cordially invite you to our D4D launch event on Aug 15, 2009 @ the Factory* where we will be giving a formalized presentation of our general organization and intentions. Below is the event details:

Event Agenda:
• D4D Background story, Mission and Strategy, Operation Model
• Introduce D4D Core Members
• How to Use D4D Website and Resources
• Upcoming D4D Workshops
o User research lead: Dr. Jianming Dong/ Melora Zaner-Godsey
o Architecture lead: Stephen Protz/ Stephany Xu
o Industrial design lead: Jutta Friedrichs
• Design Process Demo – conceptual design, 3D modeling, 3D printing)
• Break
• Volunteer Sign Up
• Panel Discussion 设计师互动

Venue: Sha Jing Lu 29#,

Note: Please reply to to confirm your attendance.
If you want to help D4D as a volunteer, please email to sign up.

Guest Speakers:
D4D core members: : Stephen Protz, Jutta Friedrichs, Brandon Edwards, Richard Brubaker, Jianming Dong, Melora Zaner-Godsey, Stephany Xu, Douglas Wang

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