Realignments Require Catalysts

Saturday, March 31, 2012 8:28

In the forward of the Jeffrey Hollinger’s book The Responsibility Revolution, Peter Senge writes that business models will move away from CSR/ sustainability exercises (and towards true sustainability) when one of two things happen:

“I can only see two things that will shift the state of affairs: a different vision of the future that is more inspiring than the status quo, and a new consensus on what it will take to move toward it”

A very logical statement in so far as there is a general belief that for their to be “change” there needs to be a realignment of what is important, and a “movement” to carry out the realignment. A statement that I feel reflects the how and why of the individual who is looking to engage in issues of importance to them. However, what is missing for me in this statement is the catalyst. The tangible event that would lead to a different view, one that was better than the previously palatable status quo.

An event (or series of events) so tangible that the foundations for consensus could be built. So that the first (tangible) steps towards realignment could occur

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