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Friday, April 20, 2012 0:38
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Are you a reader who is Linkedin, Tweeting, or would like to be notified when a new video or presentation are uploaded?

Then take a few minutes to integrate the various Collective Responsibility social mediums into your accounts… and if you are not sure about which mediums are worth your time (social media can get a bit overwhelming), I ave provided a description of the content that you will be exposed to through the various mediums.

The most basic way to connect to our connect, the Collective Responsibility RSS Feed will alert you whenever a new posting is loaded to the site, and depending on the reader you are using, may even send the content to you. Of course, you’ll still need to come to the site to post your comments!

The official Twitter account for Collective Responsibility, twitter followers will receive regular links to interesting articles that I find, or interesting quips that I come up with, on a daily basis

Our LinkedIn page has nearly 300 professionals who are actively discussing the issues that China is facing, and on a good week there are 3-4 discussions/ posts for members. It is a place to meet peers, ask for opinions/ resources, identify experts, or announce events/ jobs that you have.

New to the list is Google+.  I am just getting started here, and I am following about 70 people who I recognize in the areas of CSR, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship.  With regard tot he content that I will place on there, it will likely be similar to what you will find through LinkedIn and the RSS feed, but I am hoping for more lively debates as well.

Following nearly all of my 30+ yearly presentations, I will load my presentation materials onto Slideshare for followers to flip through. Currently there are almost 20 different presentations on areas of CSR, sustainability, responsible leadership, and social entrepreneurship in China. As well as, several articles that I have written on the above topics for Supply Chain Asia magazine

With over 75 interviews and reports in our Youtube library, readers who are looking to see and hear local and international opinions on the issues that China faces will find this resource addictive. We have worked on it for a few years, and included within the library are street interviews, interviews with NGO and corporate leaders, and recordings of events in Shanghai and Beijing. Coming up, we are working on several projects that will also add in academic perspectives, as well as recordings of my presentations.

Facebook – Our newest addition to the Collective Responsibility social media platform, through this Facebook page we will look to offer a more social environment whereby people can engage in the issues.

So, with that, we invite you to join the channels that you feel will bring you the best content, in the most convenient channel.

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