Today’s students are tomorrow’s political, business, and community leaders, and they need to be exposed to a wider range of learning experiences.

Well-educated, open minded and eager to get engaged, students have all the basic qualities necessary to become a responsible leader, and in order to promote responsible leadership and on campus, we have been working with groups of students to develop their interests in sustainability, CSR, and social entrepreneurship.

We see our student leadership programs as a chance to help guide a generation of future leaders who are socially responsible citizens, and through ongoing training, the development of student managed programs, and working with academic institutions, we are able to develop long term capacity for issues that will be faced in the future.

To accomplish this mission, we offer the following services:

  • Curriculum Development for CSR, Sustainability, and Social Innovation courses
  • Sustainability and Social Innovation Boot camps (2-5 days)
  • On-Campus Workshops, Boot Camps, and Speaker Series
  • Student Competition Preparation and Development
  • Internships and Mentoring

Recent program partners include:

Recent presentations include: