Corporate Services

A recent survey of CEOs conducted by the United National Global Compact and Accenture uncovered that sustainability will cease to be a separate concern from business profitability. Instead, it will become fully integrated into the business strategy. However, while a vast majority of CEOs agree that sustainability should be embedded throughout their subsidiaries and supply chain far fewer report that their company is already doing so.

While companies are trying to strike a balance among the 3Ps – profit, people and planet — the issues that they have to deal with are complex and often, beyond their control. Most times, they are externally focused, demanding community investments.

There is no silver bullet that any company can adopt to incorporate sustainability in their business strategy. Rather, it is a process that demands internal capacity building and external community engagement to ensure success.

The services we offer to support companies, customized to each industry, in this process include:


  • Executive Awareness and Education
  • CSR/ Sustainability Team Building
  • Employee Awareness and Engagement


  • Mission, Vision, and Planning Alignment
  • Business Sustainability Assessment
  • Issue and Stakeholder Mapping
  • Industry Trends and Benchmarking
  • Program and Partnership Development
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement
  • Regulatory Analysis


  • Program Development and Rollout
  • Partner Assessment and Development
  • Employee Volunteering Events and Programs
  • Corporate Philanthropy and Impact Investing
  • Skills Based Volunteering