Recent Presentations and Speeches:

April 2014 Sustainable Packaging Judge, LUXEPACK Shanghai
April 2014 Sustainability in Asia, Hanken Business School
March 2014 CSR in China, Virginia Tech
March 2014 The Drive for Sustainability in Asia, Darmouth Business School
February 2014 2014, The Year Social Innovation Breaks Out, LOHAS Asia Forum
January 2014 Sustainability and Supply Chain Risk, Inditex
December 2013 Social Innovation for Business, Social Venture Hong Kong Forum
November 2013 Sustainability Through Systems Design, Sustainability Jam
November 2013 Social Innovation (and Entreprneurship) in China, ICSF Conference
OCtober 2013 Social Innovation (and Entreprneurship) in China, Fresh Start
September 2013 Sustainability, Governance, and Investing in China, AFA
August 2013 The Power of Individuals to Change the World, Spark Summit (Singapore)
July 2013 The Power of Individuals to Change the World, Global Youth Leadersihp Conference
June 2013 Sustainability in China with Global Repercussions, Bain
June 2013 Social Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship in Asia, Junior World Entrepreneurship Conference
June 2013 Beyond Business As Usual, Hong Kong Forum
June 2013 Beyond Business As Usual, Shanghai Forum
June 2013 Minhang Government Volunteer Awards
June 2013 Sustainability and Entrepreneurship in China, ISLP
May 2013 2013 AmCham Shanghai China Food Safety and Sustainability Conference
May 2013 CSR and Sustainability in China, MOR Shanghai Conference
May 2013 The Life of a Social Entrepreneur in China, Rotary Fresh Start
May 2013 Sustainability and Business Recalibration in China, China Europe International Business School Advanced Management Programme
May 2013 Teaching Sustainability and Innovation in China, International Symposium on Labour Dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Policies
April 2013 Sustainability in China, Thunderbird Executive MBA
April 2013 Sustainability in China, Henkel Business School
March 2013 Five CSR Programmes that Every Company Must Have, British Chamber of Commerce
March 2013 Henkel Innovation Challenge
February 2013 Developing a Culture of Sustainability in China, Aquisti Sostenibilita
January 2013 Smog, Energy, and China’s Economy, University of Georgia
January 2013 Social Enterprises and Innovation in China, Castilleja School
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Recent Media Appearances:

April 2013 Business, Society, and Environment 2013 Projects Get High Marks, CEIBS
April 2013 Economic Incentives Key to ‘Responsible’ Supply Chains, Global Sources Business 2 Community
March 2013 What it Will Take to Clean Up China’s Rivers?, Wall Street Journal
January 2013 China burning as much coal as rest of world combined, South China Morning Post
January 2013 More Western clean-tech companies take off in China, Climate Wire
January 2013 Ten Minutes to Help You Understand China’s Environmental Emergency, Atlantic Monthly
October 2012 HandsOn the CSR Wheel, China Daily
October 2012 Old Age in China Is a Fledgling Business Opportunity, New York Times
March 2012 Who’s Really to Blame for Apple’s Chinese Labor Problems?, The Atlantic Monthly
March 2012 Who’s Really to Blame for Apple’s Chinese Labor Problems?, Asia Society Blog
March 2012 The Social Enterprise Emerges in China,Stanford Social Innovation Review
February 2012 Cleaning Up Apple’s Supply Chain: Whose Job is it Anyways?, Supply Chain Asia
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Recent Publications:

October 2011 Sustainability in China: More than Winning a Cleantech War, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
November 2010 Retooling Leaders for Sustainable Times, Supply Chain Asia
May 2010 True Costs of Outsourcing, Supply Chain Asia
November 2009 The Changing Ethics of Economics, Supply Chain Asia
September 2009 Green Buildings, Infrastructure and Operation, Supply Chain Asia
July 2009 Green Logistics, Supply Chain Asia
May 2009 Green Design, Supply Chain Asia
March 2009 Approaching Sustainability, Supply Chain Asia