When developing solutions, it is important to remember that what may be visible to the naked eye is nothing more than a byproduct of a number of underlying issues.  That, to develop something truly sustainable and with a long term impact, it will require more than a simple one off event, or a new partnership.

It is a process that requires engaging multiple stakeholders into a platform in such a way that maximum collective benefit can be achieved.

Multiple Actor Platform Supporting Civil Society
• Understanding Issues from multiple viewpoints
• Facilitating open and honest conversations
• Building, managing, and measuring programs
• Developing stakeholder trust
• Implementing Scale

Multifaceted Platform
• Web based knowledge platform
• Shanghai/ Beijing Event Platform
• Proprietary Research and consulting Services

It is a believe, that long term issues will be solved with long term programs, that drives nearly everything we do at Collective Responsibility when we work with local and foreign:

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