Social Enterprises

With the numbers of NGOs and Social Enterprises in Asia growing over the last few years, a shift in focus away from the need for more socially minded enterprises to a need for more stable organization has begun to occur.

Part of the maturation process, many community enterprises find themselves short handed, developing programs without sufficient experience or time for planning, and perpetually poorly funded. Conditions that are only exacerbated by the fact that there most pressing needs are related to retaining staff, create stable platforms, and develop their growth plans for the future. It is a cycle that only grows worse with time when left unaddressed, but with the right support, can become the foundation for the future.

Recognizing that building better communities takes the efforts of organizations who have developed their internal capacity, organizational management, and are able to effectively plan for the future, Collective Responsibility works with NGOs and Social Enterprises to improve in the following areas:

  • Developing a focus, measuring progress, and staying on track
  • Moving past projects and into programs
  • Creating organizations become bigger than one single person or idea
  • Creating a program base that grows in size, frequency, issue, or in geography
  • Developing organizational strength and stability
  • Developing stable financial models that meet today’s need and allow for growth tomorrow

How we help organizations achieve the above:

  • Consulting to help leaders develop and roll out strategy
  • Workshops & Lectures to help leaders (and organizations) build functional capacity to execute strategy
  • Mentoring or leaders to help increase individual capacity to lead

Organizations Currently Being Mentored/ Incubated:

Recent partners include:

View case studies of our work in organizational structuring and capacity development

As a group that have ourselves worked with and for large corporations, started NGOs, developed staff, and learned to develop stable fundraising platforms, Collective Responsibility has a unique position in organizations develop stability in the above areas

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