Rich Brubaker is one of Asia’s most prominent speakers on the issues of CSR, Sustainability, and Social Entrepreneurship.

Regularly speaking in front of corporate executives, government officials, students, and others looking to be inspired to act, Rich’s has developed a series of flexible formats to cater to the needs of the group or individual he is speaking in front of.








In delivering the most effective presentation or keynote speech, my goal is to deliver a message that is tangible and actionable to audiences by providing an interactive and engaging session that is current, lively, and loaded with tools. The presentations are grounded in my experiences building organizations, managing teams, developing cross sector solutions, and years of study.

With a wide breadth of experience, I am able to customize my keynote or presentation to suit the audience’s needs, with the general (functional) categories being:

  • Environmental, Economic, and Social Sustainability in China
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in China
  • Sustainability and Responsible Leadership
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Social Entrepreneurship

As well as motivational presentations:

  • Moving Beyond Business as Usual
  • The Business Case for Sustainability and Responsible Leadership
  • The Power of One – How one person can change the(ir) world


Recent Engagements:

January 2014 Sustainability and Supply Chain Risk, Inditex
December 2013 Social Innovation for Business, Social Venture Hong Kong Forum
November 2013 Sustainability Through Systems Design, Sustainability Jam
November 2013 Social Innovation (and Entreprneurship) in China, ICSF Conference
September 2013 Sustainability, Governance, and Investing in China, AFA
July 2013 The Power of Individuals to Change the World, Global Youth Leadersihp Conference
June 2013 Sustainability in China with Global Repercussions, Bain Consulting
June 2013 Social Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship in Asia, Junior World Entrepreneurship Conference
June 2013 Minhang Government Volunteer Awards
June 2013 Sustainability and Entrepreneurship in China, ISLP
May 2013 2013 AmCham Shanghai China Food Safety and Sustainability Conference
May 2013 CSR and Sustainability in China, MOR Shanghai Conference
May 2013 The Life of a Social Entrepreneur in China, Rotary Fresh Start
May 2013 Sustainability and Business Recalibration in China, China Europe International Business School Advanced Management Programme
May 2013 Teaching Sustainability and Innovation in China, International Symposium on Labour Dimension of Corporate Social Responsibility and Public Policies
April 2013 Sustainability in China, Thunderbird Executive MBA
April 2013 Sustainability in China, Henkel Business School
March 2013 Five CSR Programmes that Every Company Must Have, British Chamber of Commerce
March 2013 Henkel Innovation Challenge
February 2013 Developing a Culture of Sustainability in China, Aquisti Sostenibilita
January 2013 Smog, Energy, and China’s Economy, University of Georgia
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Richard was brought in to provide insights into the Chinese market for the LOHAS Forum and not only delivered an informative presentation but astounded the audience with the depth of knowledge on the subtle details and intricacies of China’s sustainability issues. If anyone is interested in understanding China’s green policies I would highly recommend Richard
- Ted Ning Executive Director

Richard has hosted many of our visits, leading discussions with our participants who are often global CEOs and Board of Directors. Without exception, the feedback has been most positive. Conversations with Richard are always engaging, thought-provoking, with a touch of dry humor. His information is relevant, current, and well researched. Since participants of our program are not only senior but also from diverse background, their questions could come from all directions. Richard is comfortable working with the question itself as well as the embedded meaning or assumptions.

I have no reservation to support Richard as a speaker to senior, global leaders.
- Kenzie L. Kwong, Partner & China Country Head
Leaders’ Quest

We invited Richard to speak to employees at our corporate office in New York about CSR & Sustainability in China. We had a great turn-out, and the presentation exceeded my expectations. Richard did an excellent job of giving us an overview of the wide variety of challenges facing China today. The discussion that followed with audience members from New York as well as some who were visiting from our China offices was excellent, since Richard was able to speak to virtually every topic that came up. His breadth of knowledge is impressive.
- Lauren Wylie, Global Sustainability Manager
Oliver Wyman Group (Marsh & McLennan Companies)

Rich Brubaker is a positive role model, an engaging speaker, a genuine motivator. In July, 2011, Rich served as the closing keynote speaker to our international audience of students of the Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC). His presentation was the perfect closure to GYLC’s 10-day conference experience in China. Touching on topics of leadership, sustainability and responsibility, Rich had a candid and thoughtful conversation with GYLC as he shared his experiences, his successes and his challenges at different stages of his life. His canny ability to talk with the students, rather than to the students, was immediately evident as dozens and dozens of students stood to pose questions, ask for advice and provide additional comments. Rich is personable, experienced, approachable, knowledgeable. GYLC could not have had a better speaker to address its students.

- Matt Castrina, Program Director
Global Young Leaders Conference – China

Richard Brubaker knows how to tell a story. With an inspiring and informative speech, Richard was able to effectively bring clarity to the field of social entrepreneurship and the role he and many other passionate creatives play in this dynamic field. As a modern social entrepreneur himself, Richard was able to connect to an international audience and provide sound advice and direction to students ready and willing to challenge the status quo and tackle today’s most pressing problems.
- Brian Ng, Student Leader
New York University Social Entrepreneurship Event

If interested in hiring Rich as a keynote speaker for your event, you may email him here or fill out the form below, and he will reply to you within 48 hours.